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What is Smart Valley

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Cryptorevolution is coming

A new era is dawning. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are about to transform the global business just like Internet once did. In 2016, ICOs across the world raised a total of $96 million; in 2017, the figure rose to $3.7 billion, and the crypto market capitalization reached $372 billion. And this is just the beginning: blockchain startups of today are the market giants of tomorrow.

However, the ICO business is plagued by serious issues. Out of hundreds of ICOs, only the lucky few succeed in launching their product. The market is full of frauds and scams. Thousands of backers end up losing their money and faith in the very idea of an ICO. Projects with great potential fail to raise enough funds and die.

Most of these problems are due to the absence of a reliable project evaluation system. Smart Valley aims to resolve the issue.

Everybody wins

Smart Valley brings together backers, founders, and experts



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  • Decentralized and transparent scoring that you can trust

  • Specially selected projects

  • Secure verification and protection from scams

  • Exclusive terms for backing verified projects



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  • Scoring and ICO services in exchange for startup tokens

  • Easy-to-use fundraising tools

  • Choice of leading experts for your project

  • Verified contractors

  • Affordable ICOs - Smart Valley eliminates unnecessary intermediaries



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  • Participation in revolutionary projects that will change the world

  • Guaranteed payment and conflict resolution by means of arbitration

  • Dynamic global community of professionals eager to exchange best practices

  • Unlimited career opportunities around the world

Smart Valley — infrastructure of innovation

Smart Valley creates a perfect environment for startups to develop and flourish.


Scoring system:

independent and transparent expert assessment


Token Store:

free tokens of recommended projects


Financial assistance for projects:

pay with your tokens for scoring and ICO services


Secure deal

mechanism and arbitration


Expert marketplace:

best projects and professionals find each other

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Scheme of work of the project

Our mission

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We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are the future of global business. The projects bound to transform the world are being created right now; our mission is make them reality.

Smart Valley aims to eliminate fraud from the crypto industry, reinstate trust in ICOs, and create a decentralized global community of leading professionals.

Join us now - let’s build the future together.

Smart Valley token — SVT

Facts and figures

  • Hard Cap:

    $60 000 000

  • Exchange rate:

    1 SVT = $0,1

  • Accepted currency:


Token allocation

  • Crowdsale:


  • Smart Valley team

    Early backers

    Bounty campaign



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  • Master Card
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  • Visa Verified




june Core team formations
july Core team formations
august Draft White paper
september Smart Valley website development
october Start of legal authorizations process
november Road Show starts
december — MVP
— Pre-sale
january Partnership agreements with market participants
february Involvement of experts, backers, projects and other specialist.
may ICO
september Crowdsale marketplace
october Full launch of ecosystem


Alexey Voronin person photo

Alexey Voronin

Founder of Smart Valley, Founder at Zeus crypto exchange, Co-Founder at ICO Lab Fund

Alex Jourik person photo

Alex Jourik

COO & Managing partner, 20+ years international business experience

Alexander Ruchiov person photo

Alexander Ruchiov

President of Osnova Group

 Sergey Ruchiov person photo

Sergey Ruchiov

CEO of informational technologies and innovations of «Fiztehpark»

Valentin Livkin person photo

Valentin Livkin

CTO, Blockchain Architect, Head of software developers group with 12 years experience in IT

Vadim Chupin person photo

Vadim Chupin

Blockchain engineer with 7 years of experience in strategic and operational consulting

Vladimir Manzyuk person photo

Vladimir Manzyuk

System analyst, winner of a number of blockchain competitions – BlockChainHack, LaToken Hackaton, ETHWaterloo

Konstantin Zhukov person photo

Konstantin Zhukov

Senior software developer with 6 years experience in highload .NET applications

Maksim Zakharov person photo

Maksim Zakharov

Developer with experience in cloud application development

Maksim Zakharov person photo

Maksim Guryev

QA engineer with experience in security testing of billing systems

Николай Власов person photo

Nikolay Vlasov

Devops engineer with expirience in information security

Maksim Zakharov person photo

Andrey Denisyuk

Project manager with experience of launching start-ups in fintech area

Rustem Zubairov person photo

Rustem Zubairov

Business consultant


Maury Guindy person photo

Maury Guindy

Senior Advisor in Asia

Anti Danilevski person photo

Anti Danilevski

Founder and CEO of KICKICO, Board Advisor of Genexi

Alex Fork person photo

Alex Fork

CEO at Humaniq, Founder of Future Fintech Accelerator

Grigory Avetov person photo

Grigory Avetov

Organizer of Global Synergy Forums in Moscow and New York

Juwan Lee person photo

Juwan Lee

Founder & CEO of NexChange

Rob Rappaport person photo

Rob Rappaport

Business Strategy Expert

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