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We are announcing that Smart Valley has attracted a major investor, therefore we are discontinuing the ICO process. The company is opting for a private placement instead of ICO upon the strategic decision of the Investor. The founder of the startup, Alexey Voronin, is negotiating the details of the deal that will be reported in due course. Contributors to Smart Valley's ICO will be refunded. We are grateful to everyone who has supported Smart Valley during our ICO!
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What is Smart Valley

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Cryptorevolution is coming

A new era is dawning. Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are about to transform the global business just like Internet once did. In 2016, ICOs across the world raised a total of $96 million; in 2017, the figure rose to $3.7 billion, and the crypto market capitalization reached $372 billion. And this is just the beginning: blockchain startups of today are the market giants of tomorrow.

However, the ICO business is plagued by serious issues. Out of hundreds of ICOs, only the lucky few succeed in launching their product. The market is full of frauds and scams. Thousands of backers end up losing their money and faith in the very idea of an ICO. Projects with great potential fail to raise enough funds and die.

Most of these problems are due to the absence of a reliable project evaluation system. Smart Valley aims to resolve the issue.

Everybody wins

Smart Valley brings together backers, founders, and experts



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  • Decentralized and transparent scoring that you can trust

  • Specially selected projects

  • Secure verification and protection from scams



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  • Scoring and ICO services in exchange for startup tokens

  • Easy-to-use fundraising tools

  • Choice of leading experts for your project

  • Verified contractors

  • Affordable ICOs - Smart Valley eliminates unnecessary intermediaries



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  • Participation in revolutionary projects that will change the world

  • Dynamic global community of professionals eager to exchange best practices

  • Unlimited career opportunities around the world

Our mission

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We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are the future of global business. The projects bound to transform the world are being created right now; our mission is make them reality.

Smart Valley aims to eliminate fraud from the crypto industry, reinstate trust in ICOs, and create a decentralized global community of leading professionals.

Join us now - let’s build the future together.